S-Factor Introduction Video Blog

May 10, 2022
SMA Team

Our S-factor metrics have harnessed the power of social media to benefit investors. The online discussions of the Stockmarket online greatly effects the market. By filtering through over 500 million tweets a day, SMA metrics ingests the full firehose for topics of interest from Twitter, Stocktwits and more with 10+ years or out of sample data. In this video we go through how our S-Factor feed can take the Twitter firehose to go through a process of topic modeling, filtering, and source rating. The tweets then go through our 3 U.S. patents: Extractor, Evaluator, and Calculator where we calculate S-factor metrics. This process is run for eight different asset classes: U.S. Equities, TSX Equities, Commodities, Currency Pairs, ETFs, LSE: FTSE, Crypto Currencies, and SPACs.  These eight different asset classes of our S-factor feed is used to build a wide variety of products such as trading signals, dashboards, and widgets to help investors increase alpha. All of this data is predictive and increases returns and mitigates risk on portfolios. If you would like to find out how Social Market Analytics Inc. can help your firm, please email us at ContactUs@SocialMarketAnalytics.com or you can schedule a meeting using our 1 on 1 Meeting Signup.

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