Quantitative News Feed

Context Analytics’ Quantitative News Feed provides predictive news sentiment for quantitative strategies and alpha generation. Leveraging and enhancing our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, this product is designed to streamline the way users consume and analyze financial news.

Quantitative News Introduction

NLP Expertise: Our in-house financial NLP is finely tuned to extract insights from financial news articles. Each news article is scored and tagged with a series of sentiment metrics, allowing users to react quickly to news sentiment changes.
Extensive Coverage: We scan and analyze over 150,000 news articles per month from 4,000+ news sources worldwide, ensuring users have access to the most comprehensive view of the financial news landscape.
Topic Tagging: Using topic tagging technology initially developed for Tweets we tag news articles with relevant securities and priorities which securities are primarily discussed in the article. We tag topics mentioned within the article such as: merger & acquisition, earnings, analyst rating change, etc. This feature enables users to filter and categorize news based on specific themes important to your strategy.

Benefits of Quantitative Strategies and Alpha Generation

Machine-Readable format: Ready to be integrated into your quantitative models from our JSON API, with security identifiers included. Make your investment decisions based on real-time insights from global news articles.
Alpha Generation: Extract alpha from news and sentiment data. Ready to be incorporated into your existing models and provide information to fine-tune your strategies and generate alpha. Overlay news data with our proprietary Twitter-based sentiment for more predictive power.
Risk Mitigation: Stay ahead of market-moving events. Our sentiment analysis can help you gauge potential risks and opportunities in the market.
Customized Solutions: Tailor our news product to your specific requirements. We understand that every quantitative strategy is unique, and we provide the flexibility to adapt our product to your needs.

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