Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT)

Context Analytics' Unstructured Data Terminal provides the most complete textual data for a company enabling users to make more timely and accurate decisions. The UDT is the first product to integrate Machine Readable Filings, ESG, Earnings Transcripts, Social Sentiment Metrics, and Quantitative News Feeds in a single dashboard environment. Powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly find key information and trends across multiple sources of unstructured data.
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Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT) Introduction Video

CA introduces the Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT). UDT offers the most robust tools to analyze SEC Filings, Earnings Calls, Social Media and more alternative data sources for investing.

Core Features


Search across all Data Sources or any subset. For example, a search on "recession" would return a total count and every reference to recession across all sources for the specified universe of companies. Additionally, Smart Synonym Topic Modeling allows users to track trends over time.

Document Archive

Retrieve underlying documents and drill down to individual sections like MD&A, Risk or Notes. Access underlying documents when performing ThemeXplorer searches.

Document Comparison

Compare two documents side-by-side for quick viewing of changes. Identify word count and sentiment changes from a company's previous filings to quickly identify changes driving value.


Sentiment metrics are available for all data sources and offer users a different perspective based on time horizons. Social Sentiment typically represents the shortest view and sentiment on 10Ks offers a longer vantage point.

Real-Time Alerts

Create custom alerts on sentiment metrics, watchlist document releases, hits to user-defined search terms and more.

Upcoming Filings and Earnings Calls

Quickly get up to speed on filings announcements for companies in your watch list.

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If you would like to learn more about how our Unstructured Data solutions can benefit you and your team, schedule a call with our CEO, Joe Gits or email us at ContactUs@contextanalytics-ai.com
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