Market Intelligence

The exponential explosion of written documentation presents a unique challenge for Market Intelligence teams. Ignoring this information is not a possibility yet hiring hundreds of employees to manually analyze these documents is not feasible either. Context Analytics offers users the ability to quickly surface relevant information for timely decision making. Tools like Social Monitoring and Alerts give users a real-time overview of the prevailing conversation around your topic of choice. ThemeXplorer, our ground-breaking multi-source search engine, lets users find emerging trends and monitor the competitive landscape. Use-case examples include:
Mapping and monitoring your competitive landscape with Watchlist capabilities
Performing ongoing Risk Analysis on vendors and clients
Setting Alerts and utilizing Social Monitoring for Crisis Management
Identifying emerging trends for Corporate Business Development and Corporate Strategy
Utilizing multi-source search capabilities to quickly find specific references within documents and social media
Benchmarking ESG disclosures
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Social Monitoring

Context Analytics’ Social Monitoring tools are used by business professionals for Competitive Analysis, Emerging Trend Analysis and Product Sentiment. CA's parsing engine is specifically tuned to financial conversations and produces predictive results. Users can monitor Social Sentiment and Volume on a specific topic, such as a competitor’s name or product, and be alerted when there is any new discussion. Using Context Analytics’ Boolean rules-based approach for Topic Modeling, users are able to extract a topic’s conversation on Twitter which can then be segmented by different types of discussion.


ThemeXplorer is a powerful search engine that provides deep real-time insights across our vast array of data sources for competitive analysis, emerging trends, product developments, vendor risk and business development opportunities. ThemeXplorer is part of the Unstructured Data Terminal and allows users to create custom topics to search through all unstructured textual data in Context Analytics’ library. Users can choose timely searches for any words of their choice. The example below shows a search on companies that referred to “Batteries” in their documents, with breakdowns by Company and Sector.


CA’s Alerting feature allows users to set custom alerts across all data sources based on specifically defined terms, such as competitor developments, new product initiatives, vendor mentions for supply chain risk assessment and key client mentions for new business opportunities.

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