Context Analytics products are utilized by many different types of users. CA helps Traders, Investors, Corporate Business Intelligence groups and Partners solve problems related to their specific needs. API Data feeds as well as the Unstructured Data Terminal and custom widget integrations allow clients to easily integrate CA’s unstructured data into their existing workflows.
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Independent research confirms that Unstructured Data can accurately predict future returns. Top hedge funds and financial firms around the world use Context Analytics' API to increase returns and reduce risk. See below to learn more.

S-Score Thresholds

Securities with extreme sentiment scores are sorted into long and short buckets daily. These sentiment metrics are proven leading indicators of returns. Through point-in-time return analysis, we observe that securities with positive sentiment tend to outperform the market, while those with negative sentiment tend to underperform.
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Securities are grouped into 5 Quintiles based on their Sentiment Score (S-Score) values on a given day. From the historical performance of these 5 Quintiles, we see securities with positive sentiment go on to outperform, and ones with negative sentiment underperform.
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Momentum Overlay

Sentiment scores can also be used in conjunction with price momentum to predict securities’ subsequent price movement.

Capturing social sentiment allows traders to identify securities whose prices have not yet followed the direction of the public opinion.
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Longer-term investors use Context Analytics’ Unstructured Data Terminal as a research tool to surface ideas, monitor global filings, and identify changes in document tone. With the explosion of written documentation in finance, it is just not feasible for a researcher to read tens of thousands of pages. Capabilities including Smart Synonym search, Red-lining on 10-Qs and 10-Ks, Document Comparison, Sentiment metrics on Corporate Filings as well as Social Data inputs all allow for more efficient use of analysts’ time.

Business Intelligence

ThemeXplorer addresses the explosion of written documentation with a ground-breaking multi-source search engine. Avoid information overload and effortlessly discover key data points for well-timed decision-making. Monitor the prevailing conversation around your interests in real-time with Social Monitoring and Alerts.
Mapping and monitoring your competitive landscape with Watchlist capabilities
Performing ongoing Risk Analysis on vendors and clients
Setting Alerts and utilizing Social Monitoring for Crisis Management
Identifying emerging trends for Corporate Business Development and Corporate Strategy
Utilizing multi-source search capabilities to quickly find specific references within documents and social media
Benchmarking ESG disclosures


Context Analytics data drives the unstructured data offerings of many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Our commitment to superior quality, reliability and consistency is well recognized among industry leaders.
CA has best-in-class IP for Ingesting, Normalizing and Analyzing unstructured data. Partners can leverage CA’s natural language parsing at scale for custom solutions to their unstructured data needs. This allows partners to quickly scan and interpret 100’s of thousands of documents, providing an efficient way to monetize unstructured data sets for insights and revenue growth.

Context Analytics works with Partners to easily add any of our Unstructured Financial Data products to their existing front-end terminals through either direct API feeds or through the use of drop-in Widgets. We work with Partners to develop custom widget implementations with some examples of current implementations below:

Artificial Intelligence

Context Analytics offers a unique opportunity to leverage high quality social sentiment data and corporate filings. Context Analytics can provide a rich data set encompassing a wide range of financial instruments. CA can provide 10+ years of out-of-sample sentiment data sourced from corporate filings and social conversations. Filings are available at sentence and phrase levels of scoring granularity.

CA’s data can be customized to meet unique needs. It can be easily integrated into custom AI models, allowing clients to fine-tune and train their algorithms to adapt to the dynamic Natural Language Processing environments. Whether it is building sentiment analysis models, developing trading strategies, or conducting market research, CA’s data serves as a valuable resource for enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of AI solutions.

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