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WHAT are gold futures?

Gold futures are based on the precious metal, gold, and are listed as a contract on one of the most widely traded commodity products, offering traders diversifying opportunities in their portfolio.

WHY would you want to trade Gold futures?

  1. Gold is the most watched and diverse commodity in the world.
  2. Plays a role of a "fiat currency" during times of economic stress.
  3. Allows traders to take a position to hedge or profit in a way other commodities cannot.

HOW DO you trade gold futures?

Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium are used to manage risk or to serve as a safe haven for capital during times of financial uncertainty.  There are hedging opportunities and ways to manage risk around supply and demand for both industrial and commercial uses.

Ready to get started trading futures?  You'll need to open an account with a broker.  Click Here to View a Broker List





Social Sentiment - Gold

Important information to consider

This information provider uses the data from public social media sites to provide information about specific commodities. Social media can involve statements which may be made anonymously by the public that may not or cannot be verified for accuracy or completeness. Social media may be used illegitimately to impersonate established sources of market information to engage in market manipulation such as spreading false or misleading information or rumors about a company to affect the stock’s share price. In addition, the volume of social media content covering a particular commodity is unpredictable and the amount of available information used to calculate a score may be limited. In accessing this information, you should carefully consider the risks associated with social media and whether to integrate information from social media into your research and investment thinking.
This information is provided by Social Market Analytics, an unaffiliated third party vendor which uses its own proprietary methodology to analyze data from public social media sites to provide information about specific commodities, and the CME Group has not validated the integrity of this data.



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