Context Analytics can efficiently centralize information from your document libraries and repositories with our proprietary parsing capabilities. The Universal Document Processor (UDP) is a software application that extracts and standardizes textual data and financial data series from venture capital/ private equity pitch decks, corporate reports, investment analyses, and more.

Introducing the Universal Document Processor

UDP processes Excel documents and PDFs, in investor data rooms, to identify relevant metrics and financials across thousands of documents and centralizes them into one standardized database. Easily consolidate the financials of your potential and current investments into one queryable data set.

Centralizing your investment data will make it easier to research and compare investments. Special features from UDP allow you to determine how well companies are living up to previous expectations. UDP also allows you to quickly filter out companies that don't meet your investor criteria.

The Solution to Your Problem

Universal Document Processor

Web Portal File upload/ Email Delivery
Leader in Unstructured Financial Data
Fast document parsing and turnaround (Avg Excel Document: 20 seconds)
Large data dump batch process available
Learning software- parsing quality improves over time
Includes Date Standardization to accommodate global date formats

Manual Process

Manual data entry
Limited financial knowledge
Long wait time for turnover
Batch process capability limited by man-hours
Human Errors from tedious repetition

How it Works

The Universal Document Processor uses the same parsing engine that processes millions of company regulatory filings and assorted financial reports to extract financial metrics and convert them into a JSON format, allowing quick search and plotting capabilities.

How to implement UDP

Schedule a call with our team [make this the link to schedule a meeting]
Send us your documents via Dropbox, S3 buckets, FTPs, Google Drive, or however you store your investor data rooms.
We parse the files into a JSON format shown below. [same pic we currently use for "how it works"]
During this process we
- Extract the relevant financial metrics such as gross profit, revenue, total customers, burn rate, and more.
- Identify the top-line value for each financial metric
- Linearly Interpolate yearly and quarterly reporting to monthly
- Differentiate historic vs forecasted financials
- Detect units (euros, US Dollars, etc.)
We then deliver the centralized database to you in your preferred format: Snowflake, SQL server, CSV, and more

Schedule a Meeting

If you would like to learn more about how our Unstructured Data solutions can benefit you and your team, schedule a call with our CEO, Joe Gits or email us at ContactUs@contextanalytics-ai.com
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